Logo Design Competition

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VWC is holding a design competition for a new company logo. The winner will receive acclaim by the VWC team, free hosting for a long time, an ice cream, some gum, an article in our blog about them and their design skills, whatever change our President has in the desk drawer and 2 lottery tickets. Seriously, it doesn’t get better than that.
All entries must simply be submitted by the end of October 2010 via email. The submission must be artwork that will replace the area above the menu at the top of this website.
In addition to the change, the gum, the ice cream and lottery tickets, VWC will offer the services of the winning artist to our client base and on any projects that come in for a full year. If this proves to be a good arrangement there is also the possibility of becoming the “house graphics” person. VWC has a variety of artists we engage for different projects, but currently there is no one artist that calls VWC home.
Why are you still reading, shouldn’t you be grabbing your wacom tablet already?

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